Discussion In order to control the expression of a gene of interest during the adult portion of the fly life cycle, an inducible gene expression system must be able to completely repress transgene expression during development. With two copies of each transgene, staining is no longer observed except in a single group of oenocytes at the posterior tip of the pupal abdomen. A dorsal oblique muscle 2 , with side UAS. Comparison between all DJ insertions revealed no significant difference in survival at any stage with the exception of the DJ insertion Table S2. The methodology previously used to test GeneSwitch GAL4 drivers allowed for the characterization of the inducibility of Tet-off GAL80 transgenes, their ability to translate different inducer concentrations into distinct expression levels and their aptitude to maintain induction Poirier et al. Two days of treatmentwith any concentration was insufficient to induce lacZ expression in either sex. A lateral transverse muscle 2 , with robo2 UAS.

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At least three independent replicates of each cross were performed. Interestingly this weak effect of Pkd2 mutation was greatly augmented by a small reduction of the ryanodine receptor activity see below.

A series of control genes including Gapdh, Rplp0, Actb and Rplp13a were examined, and Gapdh was chosen gla4 a control as it did not change across rapamycin concentrations or differentiation conditions. All three of 24B -GAL4 45Mef2 -GAL4 46 and c -GAL4 4748 are reported to be expressed in wing disks as well as muscle and Mhc has been shown to be expressed in the developing embryo in addition to differentiated muscle A, B, G, H w These results indicate that a decline of tTA expression or activity cannot account for the increased GAL4 activity at advanced ages in absence of inducer and support the hypothesis that the repressive activity of GAL80 is declining.


Moreover, feeding decreases with age and could significantly reduce the amount of inducer ingested Carey et al. It is therefore not surprising that three copies of DJ are required to obtain similar recovery of adults and pupae. To determine the order in which myogenic markers are induced during myogenesis, we performed a time course experiment in C2C12 cells.

These observations raised the concern that the inducibility changes with age and led to investigate if the age at which the tetracycline treatment is started influences gall4 ability to induce GAL4 activity Data S1. The goal of restricting expression solely in the adult muscles would be greatly facilitated by using the DJ driver because of the absence of expression in muscles before the adult stage.

P values are provided in Table S8.

PG is a suppressor of abdominal 6 ventral acute muscle 2 phenotype of Egfr DN. Z discwith cry JF PGwun2 UAS.

Drosophila Answers to TDP Proteinopathies : Table 1

We also observed elevations in mTORC1 activity 4 h after the transition to differentiation media, as shown by increased S6 Figure 1c. Tetracycline-inducible systems for Drosophila. Two days of treatmentwith any concentration was insufficient to induce lacZ expression in either sex.

Gardiol and St Johnston, Received Nov 4; Accepted Mar These mice were observed to be weaker than littermate controls, and prone to early death 52similar to our observations of the c -GAL4 and Mhc -GAL4 driven Raptor knockout flies. DJ showed a significantly higher rate of eclosion that did not decrease in presence of tetracycline Fig. A dorsal oblique gsl4 5with Poxm UAS.


The role of TORC1 in muscle development in Drosophila

To investigate the differences observed between the two kind of GAL80 transgenes, the expression of tTA was examined directly with a tetO-lacZ reporter. This driver has the added advantage to be expressed in muscle. Food intake into the gut is mediated by pharynx contraction. We then evaluated the eclosed flies for climbing activity, and did not observe any significant differences between these flies and control flies, although there was a slight trend towards decreased climbing activity Figure 7b.

At this age, uninduced expression is additionally seen in the male abdominal muscles. Approximately males and females from each 224b were collected under nitrogen anesthesia. A rescues Syx4 Comparisons between experimental and control animals were performed to determine the repressive ability of GAL80 Table S9. Table 1 Forward and reverse primers used in qPCR experiments.

PG is a suppressor of abdominal 7 ventral acute muscle 2 phenotype of Egfr DN. Pupation and adult emergence rates were determined 5—6 days and 10—12 days after egg transfer respectively. Williams at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Imaging Center provided the 24v with confocal imaging.