NCF file to add the following line assuming the server start directory is C: You are prompted for your user name and password. You will lose all network settings when you perform this procedure. This process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This prevents any drivers or memory managers from loading. Reboot the PC when prompted.

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TXT – Technical Support v5. TXT – Installation guide v5. The -r switch disables the NIC’s early receive indications feature. Document number provides a listing of all currently available documents on 3Com Facts. Click OK to this message.

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If any of the components are missing and are required for your network, add them by clicking the Add button. You are not permitted to lease, rent, distribute or sublicense the Software or to use the Software in a time-sharing arrangement or in any other unauthorized manner.


Make sure that the BIOS is set up correctly. These files are about 33MB, and can be downloaded from Novell’s file site.

Assign a computer name. It will also terminate immediately if you fail to comply with any term or condition of this License Agreement.

3Com Support Library – Network Interface Cards

Access by Analog Mode To reach the service by modem, set your modem to 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. This button can only update the device driver, not the Windows diagnostic software. Power supply that provides auxiliary power 3.

The Insert Disk dialog box appears. Windows displays the chosen device and the location of the install media. Click the Device Manager tab. To install the network NIC, click Drivers. Configure your network configuration as outlined in the previous instructions in this document.

Windows for Workgroups saves the old versions with the extension. Running Group 2 tests while connected to an active network can cause intermittent failures. INF, and it is referred to as such in these instructions.


Install the NIC in another slot and run the tests again. Creating the Answer File The Answer File contains 3f905-tx the information needed 3×905-tx automate the installation. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.

The preferred server is your primary NetWare login server. Select a 9 to configure it. Continue at step The symptoms of this problem vary.


Click Floppy disk drives, and then click Next. Click OK to save all changes. Using the EtherCD Note: For non-NetWare wihdows, install the client software as specified by your network operating system vendor. Add protocols by choosing the protocol and clicking the Add button. To verify that the actual NetWare driver was copied to your Windows 95 system, compare the date of the driver.