DOS and Windows 3. You’ll need a NT Server 4. Press Enter again to continue. A dialog box similar to the original window now appears with drop-down menus for each of the hardware components. Episode Two about video hardware not meeting the minimum requirements: The ET was an actual video card from the early s manufactured by Tseng Labs.

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Setting up a new Windows 3. Created by Pedro Rodrigues.

Zamba’s VMware page

The default protocol is NWlink and that should do. Once using Windows, the applications oi here will come up under the Applications program group. BAS also impossible to me. Aroc, all the time. When I tried out this feature the first time, I set all graphics settings in the games to minimum.

Only the popular PCI Cards are autodetected! This is for the version 4.

vRetro trip: MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 in 2015

The File Manager shows wrong dates for files changed in or after the year These can’t be auto-detected. There is a good step-by-step article at WindowsNetworking. Download shell extension for x86 systems.


Some puzzles can only be solved with controlling another tiny submarine Jason. BAT to start it automatically when booting. Because of a fault of her spaceship she stranded on a planet and needs to find parts to repair her ship.

network adapter driver for DOS |VMware Communities

Due to this, the resolution is limited to x pixels utilising only 16 colours. Due to limited available memory, upon start up you have to select, if you additionally want to access local NTFS drives for the image file locationor want to find the image files on the Windows Network.

Cpnet link points to this page. Do you have a copy of it maybe? Mon Feb 05, 1: The Express installation requires less effort and will install Windows using default options. Sound Blaster PCI Be sure to have the same workgroup set up for xmd machines – host and guest. To get behind the details you had to interrogate persons and solve plenty of puzzles.


For this we use the net command. Today it is quite impressive how powerful the software was back then. The setup program for the Microsoft Network Client should appear as below. Updated info about getting sound to work: By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Jul 14, Posts: Episode Two about video hardware not meeting the minimum requirements: But it is doubtful how long this will stay. This means that the network share will be available as Drive E and will be automatically reconnected when typing the username and password at a later stage. VMware is a trademark of VMware, Inc. Created by Allard Sijm.