Retrieved from ” https: A workaround to this is to install temporary disk storage in the backup server to use as a cache for the backup process. If you are not getting the rated native capacity of the media ie you are only getting GB on a GB LTO3 cartridge , then I would suspect a hardware issue. Rather, you see backup sets After cataloging a media, you can then, on the storage device view the tape drive , see the backup sets on that media The important step that is easy to miss: On “Server A”, I can inventory and catalog the tape, and see the backup sets on it.

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CASO ensures that everything throughout the network is protected by a single system that can be managed from one console [2] and also balances the workload across all Backup Exec servers in the environment.

You are compressing videos. From my work with BE so far, it appears the answer is: Backups to the data blocks can be done in parallel, and each of the separate disk-based backup jobs are configured to duplicate and append to tape when completed. Hi, Since those files are. Backup Exec installations can have one or more Backup Exec servers, which are responsible for moving data from one or more locations to a storage medium, including cloud, disk, tape, and OST device. Items you will need Tape drive cleaning tape.


So I am unable, so far, to choose the file rxec restore or even see the backup set the file resides in, even though the tape is in the drive, the drive has been cataloged, etc This issue applies whether or not I work with encrypted tapes.

Cleaning media is only good for about uses or years from date of manufacture. She began her writing career creating technical documentation. It’s a library with 24 slots and I do backup for terrabytes of data, so it’s absolutely normal situation when 10tapes are needed for backup. I saw these two links with similar problem, but the both don’t have the solution the last one probably has broken tape drive. This is why it spans 2 tapes. But again I will be happy if it would use at least native GB.

Backup Exec – Wikipedia

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InfoWorld Media Group, Inc. If you are not getting the. Backup Exec has the following licensing options: You must select the server from the main list and then press Restore.

Put a cleaning tape in the tape device. Each Backup Exec server maintains its own Backup Exec database, media catalogs, and device catalogs. These are already compressed, so you would end up with more that you have started.

Backup Exec can be installed using the following: The data may be from the local system or from a remote system.

How to Set Up a Cleaning Job in Backup Exec

Brought to you by Techwalla. So I reviewed the logs that you sent and there are a couple of issues that need to be resolved. So I am unable, so far, to choose the file to tapd or even see the backup set the yape resides in, even though the tape is in the drive, the drive has been cataloged, etc. Current versions of the software support Microsoft, VMware, and Linux, among a longer list of supported hardware and software.


I tried with compression turned off and it made no difference at all. After cataloging a media, you can then, on the storage device view the tape drivesee the backup sets on that media. Below are 2 links with similar problems Upgrading the software won’t make a difference, so if you need your data to fit onto 1 tape, you’ve got to consider another LTO drive.

But cannot reboot server now, will try it tonight and see what will get. Large environments may contain multiple Backup Exec servers responsible for backing up many different client systems. At least one tape both quite old overlapped native capasity and got positive compression ration. Craig, it doesn’t use native. Cybercrime is getting even.