Starting the font listTo start printing the font list, follow these steps: You will find that the factory default settings provide features to meetmost of your printing needs. Connect the printer via the USB-parrallel connector cable. Page 12 From the BackPrinter standThe printer stand is used when printing envelopes, transparencies, orthick paper. Open the top cover and then open the inner cover.

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Always turn off the printer before unplugging the Lrinter adapter -this allows the print head to return to the home position andprevents the print head from drying out.

If rubbish is printed from the DOS prompt. Clean the inside of the printer using canned air or a soft cloth toremove any ink mist or paper debrisBe sure to clean the areas where the covers are attached to the printercase; ink mist may accumulate in these areas. You lift this lever to cleara paper jam.

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Incorrect Paper Feed – To avoid paper feed problems ensure the paper cover is closed and the paper release lever is pushed down. Page 27 You can print on single sheets of plain papers that match thesespecifications: Page 75 Cleaning the Print HeadIf you are having print quality problems, you need to clean theprint head. Take any paper 01sx of the printer and start the printer again.


As you have mentioned that the drivers for this device is not present and the Canon Tech Support have suggested you to use the drivers for other printer. I have the same question The interesting thing is that the necessary components are all there in the Win7 x64 installation, but neither Microsoft or Canon seem prepared to tell us that ’tis so.

Page 65 The printer automatically cleans the print head when you followthese steps: Page 26 Envelopes, transparencies, and thick paper are loaded from the bottomof the printer with the printer resting on the printer stand. LightPrinter is inSet the printer to HQ mode.

Canon BJ-10sx Printer

This problems arises when printing simple prinetr files from dos where no page end or formfeed indication in the file. This signal isvalid only in Epson LQ mode.

Check that your cable connections are secure2. This could be either hardware or software.

To select an international character set, set DIP switches 6, 7, and 8, asfollows: Method 1 Try to install drivers and other optional updates from Windows Update Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware http: For example, your word processing program tells the printerwhat typeface to use and when to perform a line feed or form feed.

Chapter 1, IntroductionIntroduces you to the features of the printer, and describes how thismanual is organized.


Thenselect the Connect button to display the Connect dialog box. The first stepis to install the ink cartridge. Always press the releasebutton to pen the bin.

Battery coverThis cover protects the bbj battery pack. Connect the printer via the USB-parrallel connector cable. Align the sheet feeder with the printer so the hooks on the sheetfeeder fit into the slots on the bottom of the printer.

Canon BJsx : BJsx User Manual

Page 38 Selecting a Print ModeYour printer includes two print modes: Print Quality ProblemsIf your print quality is not what you expect it to be, check the followinglist for your problem and a possible remedy.

You can also display About and Help information,and select other Options. Align the paper withthe paper size indicator on the left side of the top cover. Using this ManualThis section describes the contents and conventions of this manual.

Hello Jim, Thank you for the update on the issue. Use a soft cloth to clean the printer; do not use papertowels or tissues. Insert a single sheet of paper into the printer.