The card is fantastic under Windows XP Pro when I got the right drivers the first 2 drivers that I tried were rejected by XP as “not better” than what XP provided My experience that the hottest hardware often requires the most work to get setup and running to its full potential. When I get to the device creation I also get problems with undeclared variables. Now, just use a glue-gun to secure the wires and put everything back together again and you’re finished! Try “December 1, ” to start, and work back. Full sreen video works great on the large monitor. So, having the monitor turned on while in any of these modes is at your own risk. I am running Big Desktop at x with my 24inch and 19 inch monitors using the 8.

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The via pad marked red is the interesting one. I2C needs to be compiled in the kernel. Try “December 1, ” to start, and work back. Installation At some point I got distracted and failed to commit my changes to cvs.

bt869 Linux i2c driver

In the past I’ve been able to make the Big Desktop work with my elderly ATI video card, but only while using a particular version of Ubuntu 5. Configure the Makefile according to your needs. These are included in recent kernel versions or can be downloaded from the lm-sensors website [1].


Hope that info helps you in the mean time, And good luck: A good tip is to buy from a good online source to get the best price, I suggest newegg. If your kernel is from the 2. Ethernet connected via a USB hub not strictly needed, but convenient. Do you know any way how to get around that problem or anyone who could help me? Content is available under CC by-sa. Since the pins needed are not connected on the beagle rsheader this required some thinking.

Views Read View source View history. So again I thank you pancakelizard for the link.

Here is some info rated on your 3dfx voodoo 3 nt869 Activating the TV-out Most of the information in ilnux section came from http: I located a post on another forum from someone else who had found these timings worked for his TV. First, flip the reciever over and unscrew the four screws visible in the image above. We had great desktop effects AND clean fast video. At least as far as the radio-going-to-sleep-problem was concerned.

Now, locate the chip marked with red on the picture. The discoloration I was able to fix only in x doing the following:. I think the bt for 2. Post by Berni Post by Libux 6. The discoloration I was able to fix only in x doing the following: You need this to get the v3tv drivers or you can go to the download page and download a cvs snapshot.


Here you can see the ground wire attached to 3.

[[email protected]: lm_sensors && bt]

It also streamed the audio from the PCR to an Icecast server, allowing me to tune the radio and listen to what it picked up from wherever I was, without actually being there. According to the lm-Sensors homepage, the modules can’t be used with the 2. I’ve never heard of a monitor breaking from this, but it seems to be fashionable to warn about it. I know the TV is capable of i so I spent some time reading up about how Nvidia’s drivers use the xorg.

The problem is, that I couldn’t find anything useable here as the bt isn’t a sensor chip in the traditional way it does neither read temperatures nor voltages or whatever With patches, the in kernel drivers for msp, tuner, tvmixer, and bt will attach to the i2c-voodoo3 kernel module. What you find there is not going to work on a modern kernel, and you may not be able to find the prerequiste kraxel patches to use cvs with the 2.