Or locked in winter like those of us in the northeast USA? I just had a stick with a rock tied to the end of it. The Solaire Gems from Callaway were introduced a couple of years ago so that might account for the lower price. I am a serious golfer who just purchased the Solaire set. The other good news is that if you bought these pieces separately it would cost you at least five times as much. But not fully configured. Despite the fact that your lady friend may not be a golfer, it is still a worthy gift to consider.

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Jean… The only thing I can figure is that Callaway thought the 3 wood would be a good substitute for the 3 iron… I was fitted for the Callaway X set a year or so ago and the 3 was not included…. A lot of companies are having clubs manufactured over seas, but they are quality checked and assembled here.

Callaway Golf Clubs For Women: Golf Solaire – Quick Review

The driver has a big oversized cc head with 13 degrees of loft. Discovering a Golf Gem in Plymouth. I found a set at http: Best to go to a well known dealer if you are in doubt.

Looking for clubs as a gift? Find this Callaway Golf Solaire Set: It all depends on the dealer. I think you are on the right track looking at Callaway golf clubs.


I’ll begin with the big dog and work my way down to the flat stick. Think about it, you hit your putter on average about two times solaide hole. You can always replace the staff later. I started playing this season, and these are the clubs I purchased. Do you think I might have bought a fake?

I was deciding between the solaire and the adams ao12 or the cobra sets. Comments Have your say about what you just read! I am so relieved they are so well received. Dwgree the good news.

A 13 degree all titanium driver 3 stainless steel fairway woods: If your daughter is committed to playing the game, it would be worth the investment, but if she is unsure, you might want to try a less expensive set just to get her started. The loft is high for a driver and is designed to help beginners hit the ball in the air more easily. If you are tired of playing with those hand-me-down clubs you got from your partner, boyfriend or Uncle Rufus, or the set you put together from a mixed bag of sales and used equipment, — if you are finally ready to step up to a new set of golf clubs designed to work together, The Golf Solaire Set from Calladay would be a very good choice.

My girls are playing golf 9 and 10 and they love it… so we decided to go to the course with them… I just got a new set from ebay. Although it’s fun to swing this big stick, when teeing off I’d recommend you swing your 3 wood with 17 degrees of loft or 5 wood with 23 degrees of loft or even your 7 wood with 26 degrees of loft. My favorite clubs in the bag are the hybrids.


A Review of the Callaway Solaire Women’s Sets

There are about a million different shapes, sizes and designs. Angela… Both sets you mention are very good. It looks as though it could be attached to the outside of the bag to give added storage except there are no obvious anchor points? He or she can be a big help.

Email Name Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. A draw bias is built in to help prevent slicing.

Callaway Solaire Review – Ladies Golf Clubs

The only thing I don’t like about the set is the putter. And let me know how it goes. Your email address will not be published.