Good info on the looking for an “edge”. Now, my stepfather was a lot of things- a professional shoplifter, a nasty drunk, a sick fucking gambler- but he wasn’t a cokehead. The illustrious Rambling Willie, trained and driven by the late great Bob Farrington, was a fan favorite that summer, rattling off five consecutive victories. For our purposes it is not important whether the power is deemed to be derived as a control over the general welfare of the citizens or whether it is a revenue measure. Walter Case is an asshole. Not necessarily stiffing , just lazy ass drives This story has JORR written all over it.

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My understanding of natural horsemanship methodology as opposed to what we might call traditional horsemanship is not necessarily the elimination of “cruelty”.

I bet Joe Orr has a Case story for us that somehow involves cocaine or kicking horses.

Looking back: Bonefish and the summer of ’75

United States Bankruptcy Court, N. You’ll see Chuck Sylvester use John Campbell on his babies.

But he’s about ten years older than we are and the relationships just aren’t the same. He knew the jockeys and trainers pretty well or at least talked like he did.


He sees you as a horse- or at least as someone cxrmen is acting like a horse, as opposed to just some human beating him with a whip. At the time one of the better drivers in Chicago was named Carmen Alessi.

Bonefish and trainer, driver and co-owner Stanley Dancer going for a jog.

I’d be up for that too. We hold that the findings of the Board laessi its conclusion to deny the license of Alessi under Rule 3. There’s only one Dave Magee.

Carmen couldn’t even steer the sonuvabitch. Wayne Lukas horse won cramen Breeder’s Cup race wearing a Breathe-Right strip on its nose and soon thereafter lots of guys had their horses looking ridiculous with big band-aids on their noses.

Erv Miller is a guy who doesn’t automatically dismiss a new idea out of hand simply because it “wasn’t the way he was taught”.

Paradise looks back to ’75 Midwest Derby :: Harnesslink

Thu Apr 26, 9: Varmen isnt what a dope like me wants to hear but it is interesting to hear. The titles were typically one 1 word. Having said that, overall I think he loves to win. Wed Apr 25, 3: At least not what I would call a pre-race.


Dean’s Office Directory

He’s going to get kicked or bitten. Joe Orr Road Rod wrote: New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire. The late Stan Bergstein, who was kind of an ambassador for harness racing, liked to call it the “Blue Balloon Theory”. Its finding with respect to that is as follows:. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. On the flipside I seemed to always win with Tetrick, he was my guy.

Thu Apr 26, 5: Just like Palone who is a fierce competitor. Page 1 of 1. At the Eighth Pole harhess August 27, But one year on his birthday Chico cut six giant rails out on the bar for my stepfather. Not necessarily stiffingjust lazy ass drives Wed Apr 25, 6: Listed below are those cases in which this Featured Case is cited.

This is really interesting stuff.