Does anyone know anything about golfsuperstoreonline. Any other question, please feel free to contact us. Originally Posted by Mardin. They got me dont let them get you. But the club manufacturers are not in a good spot. The shaft is chipping away as if the shiny element is some sort of coating and not actual steel. I meant ebay for that matter.

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I would like to see a topline view. You say Rockbottomgolf receives many of its good from major retailers. Has anyone ever done business with bobsbettergolf on ebay?

You guys like to spin your wheels too much. Don,t rubbish them till you have a try, best irons I have ever used as is the R11 Driver which I also have.

They explained that they would refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf. When he got a package and realized that address from China. Lucky I did the research on this. Should I be worried?

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

I am surprised you have to even ask if this website is legitimate. The G10 driver did not sound quite like a Ping should sound so I checked the serial number with Ping, and they confirmed these were fakes. Glad to hear that TGW is a good counteffeit. There prices for the most part are inline with rockbottomgolf. I would start from here and then follow the steps this website has posted.


Taylormade R11s 3 Wood. Real or Fake?

If you read through this thread you will find several comments that Rockbottomgolf is legit. We cancelled the order and the credit card we used.

Ask yourself, if the clubs do not come through the proper channels, then where on Earth do they get them from?

How can I gell if the site is legit or my clubs are fake? The 1 positive is from a guy who hit em.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 18

If you read it with a Chinese accent, all will become abundantly clear. This was on the list. I thought I was dealing with an above board on-line company, but got the shaft. I taylormadw a deal for a Titleist D2 Driver for Could you please tell me what is ill-founded or unqualified about that? Mike Osbourne 7 years ago.

Thanks for sharing this informative post. Anyone had any experience of http: I ask abut the low prices, why that is, they said they buy directly from manufacturer and post to customer as a gift. To me TaylorMade clubs counterffit hot off the face and I only felt that from the 2. Nine of them to be exact.


Is rock bottom golf a good site for cheap golf clubs.

Nowhere do they mention these are used. CN Administrative Phone Number Towards the end of last year I asked the following question of Rockbottom: Steer well clear of this new site, it reeks of counterfeits. Firstly, we deliver the clubs directly from the original factory, which saves a lot; Secondly, we send the clubs as a gift to avoid the tax. I would not recommend.