I wondered with what version of SDCC you all are working with? One suitable loader is available from Cypress. Comment on Oct 31st, at 5: Comment on Dec 15th, at 3: After compiling a simple program which produces an ihx-intel hex file , you can upload it like this:. I’ll be very thankful to you.

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For eeprom images, the hex2bix program that comes with the development kit can easily be ported to run on Linux by using linux time libraries instead of the windows files. Comment on Jan 16th, at 3: You just need to download the bulkloop example cypresss and grab it from there. Firmware source is available.

If you didn’t want to do this, you could write your own kernel driver, or just use libusb and a daemon instead. You can find the list link at http: Can any one help me in this regard. Like using ctl0 for busy or something?

The device just sees USB packets irrespective of the driver it is connected to. Comment on Oct 31st, at 3: What programming language will you be using for the host software? Maybe you can give me a hint or even help me out of this.


Linux Support for FX2LP™ and other USB Peripher | Cypress Developer Community

Glad to see this chipset is not dead yet…… I attempted to find tools that ran on other platforms, other than windows, but windows is a requirment to extract many of the Cypress examples. This software is still usable on 2. Here is another resource I used during my process of creating my own sdcc framework for ccypress chip:.

After compiling a simple program which produces an ihx-intel hex filefx can upload it like this:.

Comment on Nov 19th, at 5: Comment on Oct 31st, at 5: Comment on Linkx 30th, at 4: I just ran the installer and everything seems to be working fine. I can not find the keil2sdcc. Comment on Nov 25th, at 5: The Cy7ca chip handles some basic USB commands for you. Thanks for your guidence.

Cypress EZ-USB FX2 – LinuxTVWiki

I’ll be very thankful to you. Yes I am interested in more information. That is a FIFO write instead of read, but reads are generally simpler. Most of it, if not all, could be directly used in an SDCC compiled version.


If you can post an example of a simple GPIF design it will be very cypresss. You can 1st upload a byte to the reset bit location in firmware putting the chip in resetthen upload a new firmware, and then upload a byte that puts it back out of reset, thus running your program.

Comment on Dec 30th, at 5: I started by rewriting a few of the examples and libraries for testing. Maybe a sample command line, too?

fxload(8) – Linux man page

For linux, there are quite a few open source drivers. If you do have a serial port, I could send you my serial IO example. Is there any simple debug strategy to check what is going on in the FX2? Hey, this is great info!