This profile configuration is typically completed during WebSphere Commerce installation. This means that a connection is not made until the bean method is accessed. By including overrides, you can configure how utility is to establish a connection, regardless of the specified input parameters. Check if you had the following errors: The underlying problem is an authorization conflict between WebSphere Application Server on Windows and DB2 that arises when an application attempts to connect to DB2 without providing a user ID and a password. An invalid username or password was provided.

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Review and verify the connection settings for this data source. This change can result in data integrity problems.

Failed to initialize the connection that uses the If the database is not configured to accept the standard user ID and password authentication this problem does not occur. So help me on the connection problem on why SoapUI is not recognizing the driver files.

AngelsandDemons 1, 12 37 Check if you had the following errors: You can encounter database connectivity issues when you are connecting to a DB2 database to create instances, apply fix packs, or when you run many WebSphere Commerce utilities.

The DB2Adminstrator class requires the DB2 catalog information to convert the host name and port number from the type 2 connection type name syntax.


Go to that handle to verify it has a lock-wait status, and the ID of the agent holding the lock for it. DB2Driver driver class for the type 4 driver.

The following code is an example of the error: But when running the configure-repository. It could be some sort of classpath or classloader issue particular to that driver occurring. This problem does not occur if the single-phase transaction is committed, and connecton does not occur when using the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver in type 2 mode. When the utility completes running, a detailed report is generated that indicates whether a database connection can be established with the specified parameters.

I researched and found from some forums, that if we place the driver jar files in ” As far as i know we have to place all the external jar files in “. Email Required, but never shown. The utility then establishes a connection by using the type 4 driver.

Use the correct database If the class path does not point to the db2java. Run this file from a command line to verify that it completes successfully. This prevents you from attempting to do injection when the bean is created.

Data access problems for DB2 databases

Subject Author Latest Post Testcase checkmarks always green even when testcas When i click ok on the Build Query window, the soapui is hanged. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Review the following information about connecting to DB2 databases, including common connectivity errors, to help you validate your settings and troubleshoot problems. These codes map to a particular message that explains the warning, error, or SQL state.


Also if you consider whether the title of your post is relevant?

Data access problems for DB2 databases

The error message that includes the codes can typically resemble the following message, which identifies a failed connection that is caused by an invalid user ID or password: Set the deferPrepares property to false in the data source configuration.

Because it is not considered to be in doubt, the transaction manager cannot recover this transaction.

An invalid username or password was provided. On the client machine and the application server, install files of the same version that is compatible with the DB2 server. Download the mySQL connector tar.

No suitable driver found for jdbc: