The middle pickup stays on the guitar and has a blank hole in a connector for connecting to the electronics. You can adjust the neck, truss rod also has worked. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Playing chords — You will need to balance the strings out with the pickup pole pieces and pickup height to get the response even across all strings. If the intensity control is backed off to about a third, strings can be coaxed into sustaining. Now the following picture I was really reluctant to post, a lot of you will be laughing at the routing work, some will be rolling about on the floor, the more sensitive luthiers will have fainted clean away. Points will be deducted if you intend to use the same strings after the operation.

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Harmonic mode — Now this is quite fun. Sustainer Intensity — In addition to the Main volume and Tone controls the Intensity control adjusts the sustain applied to the strings via the driver pickup.

Fernandes Sustainer – MuseWiki: Supermassive wiki for the band Muse

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Locking Type Tremolo Unit. Did you ever see Cinderella when the xustainer sisters try on the shoe she left at the ball? Nothing like a drill! It has unique feature ,featured. This page was last updated: In this model of guitar all the original electronics have to go, including the neck and bridge pickups.


Hence the requirement sustained soldering and basic electronic skills. Fret Number Item condition.

Fitting a Fernandes Sustainer

This article was written before the guitar was converted to a Fretless Baritone. Note the enlargement for the bridge pickup. Mixed mode — This mixes the standard and harmonic modes.

Technique can also play a big part in using the sustainer. Harmonic mode — Fernandew you screaming 5th harmonics of the note being played. Points will be deducted if you intend to use the same strings after the operation. The sustainer circuitry is held on the scratchplate by two switches.

You really do need real time operation of that intensity control, but you can always get a degree of subtlety by flicking the control switches in and out. You will be able to do this already if you have played a semi with a sustaiiner amp. Personally I think I prefer the motorbike, but in these days of bedroom studios, a bicycle will have to do.

You can adjust sustainee neck, truss rod also has worked. For a full run down of the trials and tribulations of fitting this device, see our article Fitting the Fernandes Sustainer.


The manual states that harmonic type feedback can only be done with amps at extreme volumes, I would contest that, with a bit of skill you can coax harmonics out at normal volumes. What type of guitar is it Jeff? The new humbucker is located in the bridge position and the driver pickup in the neck position. Like the guitar was alive or something. Next step is pick somewhere quiet to work where no one suwtainer interrupt your concentration. The fernanres has a special driver pickup in the neck position.

Is it value for money? But finally it all works its way in and its time to clamp everything down tight.

More holes and a cover plate perhaps? If given a choice of dangerous things to juggle I would do two chainsaws and a rotweiller puppy before even considering turning on a router. There is a tendency for the chord to loose one or two strings if left ringing for some time. Even if you think to yourself,