Not Compatible Catalyst Check out the new guide on BG Wiki. Pressing Windows Key makes it appear. In order to enjoy my play experience further, I always wanted to get an Allienware laptop so I finally did last month. What I am wondering is if anyone has found a solution to this so that FFXI finally uses my dedicated graphics card.

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It only seem to happen once per login.

Game: Final Fantasy XI|NVIDIA

FB member told me that the recently opened free trial campaign already closed. DirectX 8 and 9 were dropped years ago from hardware compatibility, and so are emulated on a CPU core.

For that and other reasons Flash is often blocked totally in firefox so I’m confused. I found if you lower your game resolution a little bit my screen was x, so I lowered it to x and used the windowed mode in windower rather than borderless window it has solved all of my crashing issues.

The game has this new breath of life in it thanks to the introduction of trusts and RoE, yet the old sense of community isn’t gone either Want to add to the discussion?

Recommended System Requirements

Arrrrbol Dec 9, It is by far the better of the two for that reason, although both work. I explored this in depth and found no nvidix to stop using the intel graphics. While my search through net did find me some answer nvidiaa which were claimed to make the game felt super smooth, this might be considered ToS breach. Site Suggestions, Announcements and Guidelines. But, it happened to AMD as well.


High end graphics cards and FFXI (Nvidia bug) –

For SE to fix it, they would need to completely redesign a 14 year old game to use ffci regular old executable. Thanks in advance for your help!

Guess you could try desktop PC, or get a gpu-dedicated laptop. I am currently using Geforce and I didn’t actually get any crash. Log in or Sign up. Basically the game would crash when using ffi and alt-tabbing or playing video and sometimes randomly i think it was related to video playback.

Without going all PC history here, let’s just say that it’s ultimately a graphics driver issue and the idea that laptop owners can even update their own GPU drivers without using the manufacturer as a middle man who’s usually two years behind is a very new phenomenon. You’ll see a lot of stuff on the web saying there’s no solution to this problem, but in fact there are two fixes.

There’s a help thread on the BGwiki forum that might be able to help you tweak your system to improve your frame rates at least. HarryboiyeyeJul 4, Systems with AMD graphics seem to have better performance with this game.


After that point I spent a lot of time online looking at forums and trying to find more people with the same problem, which I nbidia and also found the “patch” that has allowed me to play FFXI for now, but it is FAR from being the ffci pun intented, “optimus” solution: An error has occurred. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Final Fantasy XI

How long have you had it? For more information, please refer to the appropriate vendor’s instruction manual. I promptly installed the game after getting the computer. New laptop Windows question RuadhinDec 15,in forum: I picked up a 2 days ago so it’s too early to say for TDRs but none so far.

About – Advertising – Privacy – Contact. Use of the Catalyst 9. In order to play my game I need to get nvivia of one of the probably most attractive things of these computers. ImoqJul 4,