Lastly, graphics performance is satisfactory. The notebook is really quiet. The hinges of the screen feel well built with just the right amount of stiffness when closing and opening. For about the same price one can purchase a similarly specced notebook with a 2GHz single-core Centrino processor. Rear view of Amilo view large image. This is nice for when you have a mouse plugged in at your desk and you have a lot of typing to do. Very tinny, and not very loud.

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But also, I have never seen a Fujitsu with a dead or lazy pixel. Rear view of Amilo view large image. Right side view of Amilo view large image. The earphone jack is also 15556 SPDIF optical out you can actually see a little red light glowing from it.

This monitor is super bright. I hate buttons on track pads that make a lot of noise.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1536 Review (pics, specs)

The only noise coming from it is the hard drive and an occasional whoosh from siemesn fan underneath which comes into action when necessary.

Rear view of Amilo view large image Front side view of Amilo view large image Right side view of Amilo view large image Left side view of Amilo view large image Performance Well, the number one reason I bought this notebook is for its Core Duo processor. There is only one type of battery available and slemens is definitely not a long life model.


Crystal View screen, notice the reflection view large image. The fan is very efficient and only comes on periodically, about once every ten minute for about 5 seconds when the notebook is being used for intensive tasks like 3D games.

Bios Updates for AMILO Notebook Pi , Xi , Pa , X – Fujitsu Support Forum

There is dedicated customer care number on the box, and none of that free 90 day nonsense. The lid and inside is decked out in silver whereas the rest is black. The optical drive is also amio silent — nothing obnoxious.

There is volume control and screen brightness keys within the function keys at the top fujisu the keyboard — just use the Fn key. Some brands these days do not ship with CDs at all — how cheap can you get?

Windows Home does support multithreading only in dual core form, not dual processorand everything is just that little bit more snappy.

If the problem was due to faulty chips in the first place, why are they only replaced on machines mailo are still in warranty? Now it only works as a word processing computer with an overheating semi-gaming graphics card. Most of my apps focus on web development, graphics editing, benchmarking and of course the standard office type applications.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi Review (pics, specs)

I had also read in several forums that this is a common problen in these notebooks. Who is online Users browsing fujitau forum: Reception on this machine is fine. When using the notebook at medium screen brightness without WiFi, it goes for 2h02 mins — this is with just normal Office use.


I looked at the Acer with the core duo processor, but it did not have the discrete graphics card, so I grabbed the chance of getting this machine with a ATI X for only a little more cash. The Fn key is on the bottom left — I would prefer it if the Ctrl key was there — but it just takes some getting used to. The fan had nonsnece behavior. All my software runs without any problems. There is more software included, but the user has the option of which packages he wants to install.

The notebook is really quiet. Seems quite good to amlo compared to other notebook hard drives. Luckily I had my geforce replaced for free – but the performance and heat issues fujjtsu changed at all.

Very tinny, and not very loud. Must say I am disappointed with this part li the notebook. I would like to kick the designer for making the cooling WAY underdimensioned.

The body of the machine is built from hard plastic, but not cheap feeling.