The name referred to the way the modems could “ping-pong” the single high-speed link between the two ends on demand, in a fashion similar to the USR and Telebit protocols. Default is 0 disabled Reg. Views Read Edit View history. Modems that recognize the same set of commands defined by Hayes in the Hayes command set are called Hayes-compatible. H0 Force modem on-hook hang-up H1 Force modem off-hook to answer or dial. Y1 Enable long space disconnect; with error correction, hang up after sending 1.

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Voice modem command set. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Definition – What does Hayes-Compatible Modem mean? It also includes various controls to set up the modem, including a set of register commands which allowed the user to directly set the various memory locations in the original Hayes modem. Sometimes the specifications for these extensions are openly available, other times the vendor requires an NDA for access to these. No new funding could be found, and in the company assets were liquidated. While it would have been possible to use some of these pins for the sort of command-switching they needed the “ready” indications, for example, would have sufficed Heatherington instead came up with the idea of using a rarely seen sequence of characters for this duty.

Hayes left the Georgia Institute of Technology in the mids to work at an early data communications company, National Data Corp, a company that handled electronic money transfers and credit card authorizations.


Modem Telenetics’ unique line powered modem, HAOLP, is designed for those applications which require lowest level of power consumption.

Hayes Microcomputer Products

The characters pass through the modem and appear on computer B’s screen. Defines the character for the line feed. Defines the character used for the three-charracter escape code sequence.

Modems that recognize the same set of commands defined by Hayes in the Hayes command set are called Hayes-compatible. Sets the length of time the modem ignores DTR before hanging up.

What modems are compatible with CenturyLink?

ATDmn will dial a phone number where m is the modifier: User A may bays see his own typed characters — depending on the terminal software’s local echo setting. Sirkis acquiesced, and a working prototype was soon complete. Pulse dialing allows the modem to work on telephone networks where one is not supported.

Since these characters could be sent to the modem using the same two hay pins that the port would need anyway, they could be sure that such a system would work on every computer. Carrier detect response time. Things became simpler again during the widespread morem of Each number 0 to 9, and sometimes 10 and above returns one line of modem-specific information, or the word ERROR if the line is not defined. L Dial last number W Wait for dial tone.


What modems are compatible with Centurylink?

By the earlys, there were four major command sets in use, and a number of versions based on compatibble of these. Range is seconds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Instead, the modem itself could switch itself between one of two modes:. They then split their line into the Accura and Optima brands, offering the Accura as a low-cost model, although the feature sets were ,odem that different between the two lines.

Default is 17 Reg. A complete summary and explanation of the AT command set for Hayes compatible dial-up modems is given on this page. Modem haye are free to implement other commands and S-registers as they see fit, and may add options to standard commands.

However, the microcomputer revolution of the s led to the introduction of low-cost modems and the idea of a semi-dedicated point-to-point link was no longer appropriate.

Default is 8 backspace.

In the company changed its name to Hayes Microcomputer Productsunder which it operated for most of its history. Hayes itself was forced to quickly introduce a baud model shortly after theirand the command sets were identical as a time-saving method.