Herc Pro Mhz c. The Voodoo card, as you can tell, was flailing against the GeForce competition — but don’t write it off just yet. For them, another selection may be more sound. Keep in mind though that cards like the Prophet only show their power at higher resolutions. In case of Creative the only consolation is that the lack of features saves the consumer some money.

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And for those of you that like that high-resolution word processing, the card also boosts your 2D resolution up to a whopping x with 16 million colors, and a 60Hz refresh rate. Again, those numbers don’t begin to show themselves until you start hitting the higher resolutions. I chose Quake 3 as the first benchmark, I ran demo at various settings, this time because this is a fast gaming card I limited my tests mainly to maximum details settings.

Just thought you’d want to know.

With the memory running at hz it is well above the Memory speed of hsrcules default Hercules Ultra. Why can’t we ever, ever, ever catch up with PC gaming like we can with every other PC interest?

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

;rophet, the performance was more than acceptable, and hrcules crushes your old TNT2 Ultra or Voodoo 3. The relatively old company, founded in the small town Hercules near San Francisco inhad established a standard for monochrome monitors in the 80’s, that consequently was named after the company. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

You could buy a region-free incredible DVD player for the same price as these cards. Guillemot also sets the memory clock to instead of the usual MHz.


At this speed it does produce artifacts on the screen, but this card can 3x all day at Mhz memory speed that the Ultra ships with O: Creative cards are currently the cheapest on the market.

All benchmarks performed with MadOnion. The name alone brings back memories of the early years of computers, the glory days, if you will.

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB Review – IGN

Unfortunately we cannot say this about Elsa, despite the lacking features. Comprehensive VIA motherboard roundup June Memory was set at turbo with 4 way interleave turned on. If you are interested in the GeForce2 graphics cards that we already tested in an earlier article, just click on the links below.

The core on this card doesn’t overclock that much though, but every card is different so your results may vary. The Ultra, however, showed the largest leap, not surprising given its bigger memory pipeline, MHz, and triangle count. Quake 3 Arena, Continued Page 9: Quake 3 Arena Page 8: This is a beast of a card, boasting 4 dual-texturing pipelines that generate a whopping 1. The motivation behind Guillemot’s investment: For all the tests I used Win98 SE with via 4in1 4. Hercules used to be an independent company with financial problems, that filed for bankruptcy in August Sounds like a bleeding edge versus cutting edge argument to me.

The Hercules Prophet Geforce 2 Pro is the second from the the top in the Hercules range, it features a core clock 64mmb of Mhz and a memory clock speed of Mhz, it use the same cool blue heatsinks as the Hercules Ultra and as such offers ghs possibility of great overclocking, Also included on the Pro is TV output, which great for Video CD’s and DVD’s, it doesn’t offer DVI output, but as this type of display is still rather rare and 64b costly this isn’t really a problem.


The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. While the Ultra was the clear winner here, the Prophet held up incredibly well, showing off just how well those extra 32MB of RAM can help you in a pinch.

I was able to overclock the core to Mhz, the ram gave much greater overclocking results, I was able to take the RAM all the way up to Mhz, above this speed this actually caused slowdowns in 3dmark and other games, just the same as I found with the Hercules Ultra.

It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. These cards came supplied with thermal grease bonding the GPU to the heatsink, a fact which provided for cards that could overclock to a great extent. Again I ran at Mhz, and Mhz, all the timedemo’s where run in 32 bit colour, with default settings in UT. This is an advantage for owners of an expensive LCD monitor with digital connector.

To run gtz UT timedemos enter the console with the tab key and type.