I found the drivers by running the troubleshooter from the action center for hardware problems. When I add the “noapic nolapic irqfixup” parameters to the kernel, suspend and resume works like a charm, but now the processor scaling is acting up. Do you guys see this too? Is that what you mean by “shortcut keys on the monitor? You have to either reboot or restart HAL after changing the. Could you please provide the product number which is there on a sticker beneath your notebook for better assistance. For best performance, check HP Software and Driver Downloads for device driver updates for your specific model.

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So there is usb connection but then things are broken somewhere.

[ubuntu] HP Pavilion tx Hardware solutions !!! [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

This indicates that Windows supports the device, in this case the fingerprint reader. I only have Windows 7 home edition 32 bit, and an tx, but when I did a full install not upgradeI also had a missing graphics driver, lack of working fingerprint drivers, and the rotate screen button didn’t work. Not Working Detected but does not work when you log in Solution: Ethernet interface physical id: Javascript is disabled in this browser.

The device is gone now and I can’t test anything anymore I noticed that the Wacom solution may not work, I will look for what I used and post it here as well.


Yes, on gali98s tutorial everything went smoothly but the touchscreen still didn’t work. Mainly plug into an ethernet jack and update everything.

Now I’m looking for two things: Done Building dependency tree Reading state information The ethernet port should work out of the box with Fingeeprint. This should, amongst many other things, automatically add cabextract to your computer. The drivers and programs available for one model are not compatible and do not work with other models. What you could try is the following. Note the version number and date.

Solved: HP Pavillion tx drivers problem! – HP Support Community –

I do not own this laptop, I just installed it and tried to get everything to work. It wasn’t the gali98 tutorial that did that.

If the installed driver is the same version, right-click the device driver, and then select Update driver software to refresh the driver. Update the fingerprint reader software The fingerprint reader software usually referred to as the access manager software uses the fingerprint device driver to capture a fingerprint image and then control access to the logon accounts that you set up.

I need more time to check it fully I Found this helpful link: Previously was using the RC windows fingerprinr build 32bit as an upgrade which worked fine. Clean the fingerprint reader You should periodically clean the fingerprint reader sensor to remove dirt and oil.


My laptop is hp tx ee tablet pc Package ndiswrapper-utils has no installation candidate im trying to enable wireless but i keep getting this and im stuck here Open the Terminal and write: Search for ndiswrapper, and install them. Then you can search with that. Later I tried blowing very hard through it and everything solved.

HP Pavilion TX2000 Fingerprint Reader Board

Haven’t tried the nouveau driver yet. This allows other hardware and software to support the fingerprint reader. I was still unable to get either one of these to work Try entering in a terminal: This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source However the following packages replace it: Download the following packages and install them: Thanks for the useful post.

Have they gotten any faster?