Without the driver, there is an “Unknown device” in Device Manager, and all the security software of course fails to detect the security chip. Setup should be similar to the T43 systems with Intel video. I have also tested Windows 10 on a T60, that page is here. So now I have the Catalyst Control Center. The system seems to run a bit quicker with this build, and has not crashed yet.

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Intel plans to add a TPM 1.

I sorely miss my T43p, RIP. I have now solved the problem with my drivers. This should give it a huge bump in performance.

Everything works great for me with Windows 7. The height of the screen was just perfect for the kind of work I do. Windows Vista update module KB – Notebooks This is one of the reasons why nobody is doing remote trusted platform assurance, except in very controlled scenarios right now. It gets rid of the “Unknown device” obm Device Manager, but doesn’t cause boot-failures like the original driver.

And see if there are any drivers around that will improve my experience. I have tried emailing lenovo, and the people who make the chip, and so far no luck.


Windows 7 on the ThinkPad T43

I’ve been using the It took took about 30 minutes and worked without any errors. There were drivers for mouse and trackpoint, but they got installed aotomatically when Windows 10 updated itsesf.

I found this surprisingly fast, after having installed many different operating systems on this machine. Lenovo has listed Windows 8 as one of the supported operating systems for the ThinkPad T43, so even then they don’t think it’s so bad.

IBM TPM Reset – At a loss

Not really a certain model just doing some research and would like to know about all models with a TPM chip not just ThinkPad. I don’t know yet if the driver actually works, I havn’t found the floppy drive that can be used in this machine.

Battery life therefor is much lower than in my Vista install. Message 4 of Logon Screen Changer http: But then it gave up the ghost finally — overheating and a bust fan caused something internal to give, and then it just died.

/dev/tpm0 device not created in IBM Thinkpad T43

My daughter loves it too and that’s what matters most! This website uses cookies. I am at a loss of how to reset the password, i cant find anything at all, maybe one of you guys know?

Hi, What laptop models have a TPM chip. I have all the other passwords, admin and supervisor and its my own finger prints, so all those are known. Message 7 of Message 8 of As things load BIOS, bootloader, OS, userspacethey are supposed to verify if the PCRs are ibk a state they can trust, and if so, to add the checksum ib, their own code, data, and configuration to the PCRs and load the next stage. That driver installed fine on Windows ibn, except from giving the message about drivers signature not right.


What it is, its the Trusted Platform Module, and i am guessing its a sort of safe store. I have a T60p that needs to be rebuilt.

But after connecting to internet by cable, allowing the system to update and download drivers, and after restarting a couple of times, it looked better. It’s a bit slow, and the logon screen for g43 always comes up first, but it does work.

New versions of the specifications around the trusted platform support specifications like TPM 1. Are you enjoying it?