IBM can help your company maintain ownership of technology leadership network servers. Refer to the Planning Information section for supported memory options. This enhanced level of service includes a higher level of on-site service labor during the original warranty period. Service centers in certain countries may not be able to service all models of a particular machine type. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative. There are hardware drivers and software to manage the arrays before installation.

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It does not support HDD options. First two goals can be gayn with this bootable CD. Refer to our Web page for the xseres up-to-date information on supported HDD options. These drivers are provided for backward compatibility only.

IBM eserver xSeries 225 8647 (86474AX) Server

This minimizes the risk of unauthorized people tampering with the raic software and configuration. To determine the eligibility of your computer and to view a list of countries where service is available, visit: In addition, some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of service.

IBM Service provides hardware problem determination on non-IBM parts adapter cards, PCMCIA cards, disk drives, memory, and so forth installed within IBM systems covered under warranty service upgrade or maintenance services and provides the labor to replace the failing parts at no additional charge. With super-premium parts, this xeries both the fastest, and most expensive, VR-ready PC we’ve These features, combined with SMP capability, make this server an excellent choice for departmental work groups and e-mail collaborative servers.


Microsoft Windows Xsegies Windows Advanced Server Windows Small Business Server Windows Server Standard Edition 12 Windows Server Enterprise Edition 12 12 Certification is planned for these network operating systems For information about additional support, certification, and versions of network operating systems visit: Microsoft is a dseries of Microsoft Corporation.

The other end of the cable is attached to the internal pin connector of the integrated Ultra SCSI controller. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

Advanced management capabilities built into xSeries servers are available through: Service methods and procedures vary by country, and some service or parts may not be available in all countries. Some modes are not supported by all monitors. Refer to the Planning Information section for supported memory options.

IBM eServer xSeries Servers Feature Intel GHz Xeon Processors

Interconnected or stand-alone workgroup file servers Entry-application servers Internet servers Branch office file servers running e-mail and office suites Raud and Serviceability Features: Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. U-Bolt anchoring, automatic server restart ASRboot without keyboard or mouse, power-on password, predictive failure analysis PFAselectable boot.

Supports up to 8 GB of system memory. Warranty Service Upgrades and Maintenance Services: Reseller prices may vary. Interconnected or stand-alone workgroup file servers Entry-application servers Internet servers Branch office file servers running e-mail and office suites High-Availability and Serviceability Features: At a Glance With updated processor and increased availability features, the xSeries server delivers the power, flexibility, and ease of use you need to create a reliable foundation for your networked entry to mainstream xsereis applications.


Also, adequate space approximately two inches for the front bezel and one inch for air flow must be maintained from the slide assembly to the front door of the sseries cabinet to allow sufficient space for the door to close and provide adequate air flow.

Power-on password secured boot. This program provides compatibility information from actual testing of the xSeries server with various adapters and devices. During the warranty period, warranty service upgrade provides an enhanced level of service for an additional charge. The installation guide has easy-to-use text and pictorials to enable users to quickly set up their xSeries server. Programs included with this product are licensed under the terms and conditions of the License Agreements shipped with the system.

SCSI devices can be connected to any of the four cable connectors. It also supports SMP applications through installation of same processor into the second processor socket of xSeries server models. The preferred go-to-market offerings are ServiceElect. Log in to reply. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.