The log seemed to grow quite large after a few boots of the device, which resulted in a long load-time in the web page. I also usually like to see an option for setting the spin-down time for the drive so that it will power down if not in use, but there is no option for this either. Ethernet Disk mini v2. Sadly, the LaCie is also slower, harder to set up, and lacks some of the options HP offers for ensuring data integrity. When the software disc finally worked I had to use an XP laptop , I ended up at the LaCie account-generation site, which is really part of the HipServe install procedure. Be gentle, 7 screws, a nifty block of aluminum and a chunk of Jello jiggler and the thing comes apart. Apache server-based websites near million mark.

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Setting Up – Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

You’ll also see an option for installing LaCie’s 1-Click Backup freeware, because the company sells this device in a configuration without Axentra HipServ software. When the software disc finally worked I had to use an XP laptopI ended up at the LaCie account-generation site, which is really part of the HipServe install procedure. There are several automated actions the drive will take. Performance – Competitive comparison. For example, although I could set the time, there was no option for setting the address of an NTP server that would make sure the time stayed correct.


Basic configuration of the mini is fairly standard. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

The Playstation 3 reports ‘unsupported format’ for some files after updating firmware. I installed it as long as I had the drive apart. You’ll be able to access most of the local HipServ features without one, but remote access, some of the media serving, and even reliable local client access go out the window without UPnP. LaCie IP Configurator 2.

Read the contents, then click I Accept to continue. Setup Sorrows This was definitely the low point of my testing experience. LaCie shouldn’t confuse the issue in this way during the install, and it should have gone to the trouble of putting the entire install on a single disc, leaving out the unnecessary components. Make sharing easier with AddThis for Firefox. Overall, I liked the HipServ software, but, even discounting the many installation hassles, I didn’t find it noticeably easier to use than Windows Home Server.

Ethernet Disk mini Media Server Functionality. I’m running rsync in daemon mode. No articles available for this product. After two screens displaying progress, the installation process is complete.

But I am a Lacie curmudgeon, I have a Lacie Biggerdisk under my desk at work and it sounds like carrier operations on the Enterprise. If you are unsure how to do this, read the router’s manual, or go to www.


Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

Identifying my Power Supply. My 2nd bigger disk burnt up a drive and turned into a boat anchor. Not all cities are listed. None of this works without a UPnP-enabled router. Sun debuts Galaxy servers.

Ethernet Disk mini

Connect to a network drive with SMB. If you let it work by date and filesize then it si quite fast. The site even allows access via Windows Mobile visk, iPhones, and other portables. Under the Status menu, which shows the number of current clients, there is a “System Log” button which shows a very detailed log from the mini Figure 3.

Turning a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini into your server

The setup procedure needs work, especially considering that this bundle is meant for a home audience. Unable to assign active directory permissions.

Installation process is rough. Every router is different, and router setup is not supported by LaCie technical support.

The HipServ software also allows the NAS to act as a digital media server with support for a wide variety of formats and protocols: Sun unseated as Unix leader?