Ok, not sure if you meant me now with your proposal philip – I need a USB or Firewire device since I want to run this thing with a laptop. Another happy MLT user here. M-Audio Fast Track Pro, work well out of the box in linux except only will record and playback at 16bit, patching and recompiling kernel has enabled 24 bit for me. I don’t want to hyjack this thread, but before I create a new thread with details, it would be interesting to know if this issue has been resolved. As many of you probably know, Mitch “Mitchco” Barnett is a regular contributor to the Computer Audiophile website with his articles. There is also a onboard audio device which works fine with osstest. So, i would be most happy if someone would responsibly suggest an audio card that actually works in Linux, is not an Asus Xonar yes, in desperation i tried that too , is not a Soundblaster, and – if possible – is still around for buying it.

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Thanks for any advice guys!!! The electrical noise essentially from the GPU seems to affect the frequency range between Hz to 1kHz mainly.

Lynx L22 Glitches out on osstest – Open Sound System

Thanks, I’ll try that ljnux my base image again. I’m sure there are some very good ones. Sorry to jump in with a question, but I have just bought the lt after hearing it was compatible, but I am having trouble with the software in ubuntu Wires all over and looks like I need to clean off the power supply fan filter!


I looked at a few component DACs over the years, and decided they were not worth the money – the Xonar is just that good. A working midi interface would be nice too, but not as important.

Amazing to think that these days, some people still seem to be freaking out about L2 situated many feet away from computers. Typically they have high noise, distortion, or non-flat frequency response. The RME cards are the most reliable choice. Considering all that’s supposedly going against this “internal” set-up, the measurements really were a nice wake-up I think especially to those folks who have generally been accepting of the audiophile mantra that computers are “bad” ilnux noise, vibration, etc.

Select all hectorsputer hectorsputer-desktop: On that point about the distortion, I seriously wish this record was better engineered. I couldn’t have got this far into what I’m doing without all the people who’ve gone to the trouble of writing all the articles and toot’s etc. Furthermore, it’s one ljnx these enclosures with the power supply at the bottom so the audio card is close to the switching W device as well.

Hi Willem, Right, definitely we cannot claim motherboard and lyn analogue outputs as “high fidelity” for the most part Hi and sorry to hook up this thread but I have a similar question: Despite differences, notice the intermodulation and harmonic distortion results are very close, as it should be given the same device being tested!


GUI looks basic by today’s standards Debian packages are ar achives, and can be inspected and unpacked using the standard Unix command-line utility ar as follows: I listened at the various musical fragments found on the web, and, unless the jitter is really insane, I’m unable to “hear” it.

Open Sound System

Hey, if you manage to get the Mathematica code working, make sure to post some samples out! Click submit and download the package. LynxL22 Play 1 – Performing audio playback test Who is online Users browsing this forum: Thankfully this computer is not too loud, but it’s still noticeable even behind the acoustic panel and it’s this acoustic noise that is clearly worse than any electrical noise measured It filters the power supply, is said to have very clean ground planes, and utilizes high quality components here’s a review from RME is the best audio interfaces that are supported on Linux.

LynxL22 Play 5 – Performing audio playback test There is also a onboard audio device which works fine with osstest. Dev 11 Dropout [1] [ Maybe there ltnx still some issues when measured, but certainly nothing major.

When I run osstest I get the following: Edirol UA, everything always worked since ubuntu 8.