With this mod I just made it 2X better! Apr 3, 6. Once I finished the mod I literally did not want to put my guitar down. In my opinion what makes a great compressor is one that doesn’t alter the original tone in a negative way. All 3 Mods will make the stock CS-3 sound great. I also beef up one of the voltage caps.

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And it a very simple mod to do. Amp delay was added. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This kit will give you all the benefits added to an already great pedal. I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking if there are any mods that will clean up the pedal when the gain is turned down blyes also reduce noise.

Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?! (monte allums content)

Very smooth, yet biting gain. I also upgrade some of the older caps. The ones I liked I kept. Analogman vs Keeley Gear Update: I will not be offering a cross-grade or upgrade monge the Roxx mod because the Roxx is a complete mod rebuild.

First let me say that I know these were designed monts bass but I find them very good on guitar also. But when you turn the gain up, it has a very smooth, sustaining drive I would bet could easily rival many of the boutique pedals out there. Socket Extenders – Sold in Units of 8.


With this mod I have incorporated a pot that not only solves the volume loss issue but also now allows the pedal to be used as a clean boost with the depth knob all the way down. Kudos to you once again.

I have also completely removed the raspy fizz. You can visit Sean’s band here http: These kits are fun weekend projects.

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BD2 Clean Boost Sample 1. Think early Led Zepplin Tone here. The switch adds two gain options. Now for the bad news.

With this kit you can switch between Symmetrical Ibanez and Asymmetrical Boss clipping. Yes, my password is: Thank you Mark for sharing your music with us.

The quality of the parts is very poor and I do not recommend you try to mod them. The stock ODB-3 sounds more like a Fuzz than an overdrive pedal plus it is very harsh and spiky in bllues high end. The LEDs will give you a coarser gain that is thick and fat with added bass and volume. And the really cool part is we won’t break the bank with the price alpums our mods.


Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?! (monte allums content) | Harmony Central

The Mod has transformed this pedal into a beast! My regular BD-2 Mod has less gain and has a slight mid-boost.

With this mod I have increased the depth of the chorus and increased the rate of the chorus and add clarity and warmth to the effect. I will not be offering an upgrade for them. Thank you Simon for sharing your music with us! It also has a 4th DIP Opamp in the upper right corner of the pcb.

It is a well know fact that in some circuits as the battery weakens it can have a very positive affect on the pedals tone.